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Experience a wood-fired wedding pizza van at your wedding!

Make it memorable

You know you’ve had a memorable wedding when the guests are still talking about it weeks later. Each guest will experience walking (or racing) to our wood-fired wedding pizza van where they will pick a pizza from the menu, pre-chosen by yourself, and watch it cooked fresh right in front of them.

Check out our wedding pizza van menu.

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We make it special

Included in your wedding package is the ‘Wedding Special’. This is where you become the chef. Every couple is unique to their wedding day, the menu should be as well. You’ll have the opportunity to design your own special pizza for your special day that your guests can order in celebration!

For the sweet tooth

We offer a unique range of starters and desserts which are made fresh on the day. From our Naples Caprese to our famous Tiramisu, it is guaranteed to go down as treat with your guests!

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