Why have wood-fired pizza during my wedding reception?

Mobile food trucks have become really trendy during weddings receptions. They make the whole event stand out from the ordinary. Guest are tired of just getting some cold snacks during the party, so Brides and Grooms can now choose to step it up a notch by hiring a mobile caterer that can provide comfort fast food. Guest go wild when they realise they are getting delicious freshly made pizzas on the spot making it a cheap and fun alternative to what is usually done. 

Another advantage is that mobile caterers are able to provide delicious food almost anywhere as their kitchen travels with them. So don’t worry about how far your wedding is, if there is a road we’ll make our way.

What do we as a pizza catering company?

We are a company that specialises in travelling around the country making delicious food for weddings with our wood-fired oven. We specialise in making delicious pizzas, in fact we have done over 400 pizzas in a single event. However, we can cook many other foods like chicken wings, garlic bread, pasties and event desserts like apple crumble (check our menu to see what we do or contact us if you have a special requirement).

Why choose us to cater your wedding?

In one word experience. We started our mobile wood fired pizza catering business back in 2017 and we have gained a ton of experience. We know how important that day is for you and we are proud to be able to offer a super streamlined service. 

Now, experience isn’t everything. The ingredients we use are the secret to our success and as a result of that, we get many customers returning back asking to cater for their anniversaries and/or birthday parties. We use special Italian plum tomatoes to make our pizza sauce. To these tomatoes we add a touch of garlic and basil, making the flavour lift to a whole new level. In fact those following a lactose free diet always have seconds when they try our cheeseless pizza. 

The cheese is also key as that is what most people look for. We use Italian mozzarella cheese because of its flavour and the way it stretches when you pick up a warm slice.

How does the service work?

What we have found to be the best solution is to get the guest to place their order at our mobile pizza truck. This way they are able to order their own personalised pizza. This will make them feel like they are just getting exactly what they want and as they are getting a whole 10 inch pizza no guest will stay hungry. Once they place their order we give them a number that will be shouted out once the order is ready, and pipping hot, straight out of the oven. 

To do this the client orders a minimum of one pizza per guest. Ordering a few more is always a good idea as some people eat more than others. The pizzas are prepaid so that on the day of the event everything goes smoothly and we interrupt the party as little as possible.

Some also choose a buffet style service where pizzas are served on a table and people are able to help themselves.

Another possibility, is for us to get a waiter to offer slices around whilst people engage in conversation and have a good time without worrying about their orders. We don’t usually recommend this service as its a bit more expensive, due to the need of an extra staff member, and some guests may prefer to add their own special touch to their personalised pizza.

We are certainly flexible in this regard and will love to hear your suggestions and concerns so that we can deliver the right experience for you.

How long does it take to set up and serve food?

It takes us around 15 minutes to set up. This is from the time we are parked to the time we can start cooking. We are able to do this because we preheat the oven to 400 Cº  before the party starts. 

How fast can we cook a pizza?

As the oven is at around 400 to 450 Cº pizza gets cooked rather quickly. In fact, they only take about 1.5 to 2 minutes inside the oven. This way we are able to make around 60 to 80 pizzas in an hour depending on the flow of people, the temperature and topping options.

 How long is the service?

We usually do stop and go services. This means that we will arrive on site and start making pizzas from our pizza van as soon as possible. For 100 pizzas we usually allow around 2 hours for this service, although we could take less time depending on the factors mentioned earlier. We have found that this amount of time is ideal to allow the guest to order food without interrupting the flow of the party and it is more economical for you. 

Another alternative is to have the van arrive a little earlier if you are looking for a more relaxed laid back event. If this is the case, it is necessary to communicate it to us to make sure that we meet your requirements and arrive at your preferred time.

What areas do we cover?

We can practically go anywhere in the UK, but the further the travel, the more we will have to charge for the service. Having said that, we have travelled up to 5 hours to a wedding before. 

Our usual areas are West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London.