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Celebrating a birthday? Wedding? Corporate event? Or just wanting to celebrate? Have you considered an authentic Italian wood fired stone oven that caters to all, is mobile and never fails to be a hit with the guests?

Whether the answer be yes or it be no, let us tell you the benefits of our unique vans & the experience that they entail for you & your guests. 


Got an aunt that is vegetarian? And a colleague that is gluten free? And don’t forget that friend that is vegan! We cater to all! With vegetarian, gluten free & vegan options, our menu enlists many options that benefit all of your guests! Rather than creating a hundred different variations of the same menu, worrying each guest has the correct meal & if it is even enough, consider our aesthetic vans that take the concerns & considerations out of your day & please each and every person! 

Not only do our vans cover all food preferences, they also cover all location preferences! Being mobile means you stay put whilst we travel to you! Whether that means an event in the concrete jungle of the city, the vastness of the countryside or right on your front door step, we do it all! 

Whilst we are at it, lets talk about the convenience of the good old fan favourite food… pizza! Not only is pizza a hit for everyone under the sun, it is served hot and sizzling in pizza boxes & handed straight to you, whether you want it buffet style or each guest chooses their own, there is no need to worry about knives and forks and the aftermath that would be the washing up! 


If you are after 30 pizzas or 400 pizzas, with multiple vans rearing to go, the size of your event is of no issue to us! Whether 1 van or 2 vans is needed, we will rock up with sauce ladle in one hand & pizza cutter in the other, ready to serve you authentic Italian pizza realness! Like we said, size doesn’t matter! We serve quality alongside any quantity!


Sounding so far so good? Let’s not stop there, take a listen to this! 

You want to feed your guests food that is fun, fast and everyone’s favourite but still want it to be quality food? Well we have you covered! 

We take pride in our pizza & that means all of it! With dough straight from a local bakery and freshly sourced toppings, we make our iconic homemade tomato sauce fresh for your event! So get that idea of greasy, sloppy and cheap tasting pizza out of your head and be ready to try our delicious stone baked pizza that leaves each individual impressed! 


Still not convinced? Take a look at our vans! A common misconception with food vans is that we bring the taste but maybe not the looks? Well, with dark paint and gold detailing, we already are on the right track but once we park up, hang up those lights, get that chalkboard out and add the final details, we will have changed your mind about food trucks.

But what’s that they say? “It’s not about what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts?” Well that’s true for us too. With our wood covered walls and ceilings, bright lights, an impressive oven and rows of ingredients, this is where the magic happens! 

So, with that being said, all you have to do is enquire, book, wait for your date & enjoy! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pizza Party

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