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Choosing A Pizza Van Menu

by The Pizza Post
Back to all posts September 14, 2023

Choosing the perfect menu for an event can be tough!

With so many different dietary requirements these days it’s extremely difficult to please everyone!

Here’s a few things we’ve learnt over the years of creating a perfect menu:

Too large a menu – Although having a larger menu may seem to be the answer to keeping everyone happy. Having such diversity is often met with problems – too much choice slows down service and becomes confusing for everyone working the event – If that’s you, you will not have time to enjoy yourself.

Too small a menu – This has the opposite effect to the last. Not having enough variety will guarantee that someone at your event will go hungry! Hungry guests do not make for happy guests!

Vegan options – Having a vegan option is a must! Even if no guest is vegan, having a lighter option on the menu is often wanted by people. We’ve seen so many guests go hungry because their needs weren’t met! We make it a point to always include a vegan option whenever we cater for someone.

Dietary requirements – Does it contain nuts? Is it Gluten free? Is it Halal? Kosher? OMG I hate peppers! Can you make it spicy? It’s too spicy! …. We’ve heard it all! Being able to change and modify what you’re serving quickly is now a much needed skill!

Quantity and Quality – Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to a party where what’s being served is super basic, there might be a lot of it but the quality is lacking. Or the food is fantastic but after one bite it disappears, leaving your stomach rumbling for more!

The food being served at any event is incredibly important! It’s one of the main talking points and what many people remember – Bad food = Bad event. Great food = Great event.

Pizza Post has catered every kind of event – Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, Kids parties, Red carpet, Film sets….. We know what makes a perfect menu and can cater for 99% of dietary requirements. Our staff are trained to deliver consistent perfection and are able to help guests with special requests. Our wood-fired oven and stylish van will leave guests amazed and most importantly talking about your event for weeks to come!

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