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Unless you count yummy food as stressful, the simple, truthful and easy answer is a big yes! Food vans are stress free for multiple reasons and are extreme life saviours for all. From cost to convenience there are many reasons why food vans are stress free and therefore a big hit! 

Catered for all 

There’s nothing worse when trying to find catering for large groups, whether that be friends, family, colleagues or guests than attempting to cater to each individuals needs! You’d be lucky if you just had to deal with the meat eaters and the vegetarians but throw in those that are vegan, gluten free and / or eat halal meat (and more!)  & things can easily get a bit more complicated and stressful! 

When hiring a food van, more often than not, you will find that they cater to all! For example, here at The Pizza Post, if asked for, we can serve gluten free pizzas, topped with vegan cheese and halal meat! It’s easy peasy and stress free!

On top of this, when looking for food vans you have the options of endless types of cuisines, ensuring you too are sure to find the perfect one for all guests!


When providing food for a large number of people, especially when on site, it can be stressful trying to figure out not only the seating but also the aftermath of the washing up. When it comes to food vans, being made for casual catering, this means you don’t have to worry about big seating arrangements; simply mosey around and enjoy! Most food vans provide recyclable food packaging, meaning no stress or mess! 

Casual catering 

Commonly when planning an event such as a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, sit down restaurant meals are the go to. However, as opposed to a food van, this can create a more stiff and formal environment for all guests, which can often create an awkward atmosphere for all. Opposing this, with food trucks, a warm and casual environment is often created. This is not only great for chefs and clients but is perfect for guests when in line; interaction and socialisation between people grows easily when waiting in line or eating and is a great ice breaker for all. No stressing over if your guests are enjoying themselves or not! 


Being a food van typically means having wheels and therefore meaning they will travel to you! So whether you are celebrating a corporate event, a wedding, a house party, are on a construction site or a film set, you get to stay put whilst the food comes to you. What could be more stress free? 


The cost of hiring a food vans compared to pricing such as restaurant costs is considerably lower and definitely more stress free! When trying to provide food for a large number of people, the price can increase massively in a blink of an eye, especially when allowing guests to order for them selves. There’s nothing better than up front prices meaning no guest can sneak in extra orders that ups your total even more so! 

Food vans definitely means more bang for your buck! There’s nothing better than giving your guests food they will never forget but topping it off with the unique experience of a food van is the cherry on top. 


Worrying that you have spent time too much time organising and too much money paying for you and yours guests to receive a meal but the food isn’t going to be worthwhile? When hiring a food van, the majority of the time you are guaranteed to receive top quality meals for all!  

Why is this? Food vans are mostly small business owned, meaning there is a much closer relationship between owner and the fine details of a food van; there is more time and attention on providing authentic meals that are made from fresh and high quality ingredients. So no need to stress about receiving cheap food; do your research about the food van and you are guaranteed to receive a stand out meal!

So, yes food vans are stress free and there really is no reason as to why they wouldn’t be! With options upon options of food van out there, we are certain that by hiring one for your event, you are providing yours guests with not only an unforgettable experience but unforgettable food! 

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